We strive to work in collaboration with our clients creating a culture of dependability that goes beyond simply running workshops and training initiatives.

Getting started

Our starting point is to learn in detail about our client’s strategy and objectives.

Our approach is to create a strong and trusting partnership with our clients and work in collaboration with them. Our ability to drive measurable change is achieved through designing highly personalised programmes, to help you achieve your goals.

Initial integration

We listen to our clients and establish the best approach to meet their objectives.

Our innovative solutions, responsiveness, and strong relationships are valued by our clients. Seamless integration is our objective and the pursuit of your goals is our ambition.

Facilitating your organisation’s ambitions

Teaming and working in collaboration with our clients.

We partner with our clients to consolidate our programmes to ensure that they continue to make a difference in the workplace. Our programmes are highly participative and are specifically tailored to each client’s needs. Our strategy is to combine the art and science of learning into memorable learning solutions.


Our activites

We unlock potential by strengthening relationships and enhancing confidence in people.

We focus on performance improvement and achieve this through a change in behaviour stimulated and maintained by our development programmes. Participative workshops are supported by coaching to embed the changes our clients’ desire.

Custom designed courseware

Our passion is to provide learning and development activities that are exactly aligned to your own organisational culture and values.

All our programmes are designed specifically for individual client organisations. Our programmes are a mix of direct input and are highly participative in content. They are designed to provide realism and a safe context to develop skills that can be applied in tricky real world work situations. This encourages confidence whilst reducing risk and time taken to achieve proficiency.


We take a strategic approach to each development project.

At the start of the design of each initiative we work with our clients to establish a clear definition of outcomes that will be beneficial to the organisation and that are measurable. This ensures that from the outset we are focused on designing a programme that is stimulating and relevant to the real world of work.

Measuring the impact of the development initiative is essential in confirming the value of the investment and encouraging the commitment to continue to make change. Spring supports clients in identifying metrics to provide quantifiably measurable results in both the short and long term. As part of our continuing program of improving the quality, relevance and accessibility of our training we ask participants to evaluate the impact of our training initiatives.

If you have been a participant on one of our workshops or attended as a delegate at one of our conferences, we would be pleased to hear from you. Would you like to give us further feedback in addition to any that you may have already submitted? It doesn’t matter how long ago you attended the programme. We want to know about the lasting impact of the training for you.

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